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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is one of the most used network protocols. Thanks to the versatility of SNMP you can monitor many different types of devices in your network. PIM + supports all versions and brings all devices together in one monitor. 

Key features

  • EasySNMP Technology 

  • SNMP V1, V2, V3 support

  • Build in SNMP webbrowser

  • Library of preconfigured devices

  • Predefined SNMP bandwith monitors

  • Custom SNMP calculation options

  • Custom SNMP value mapping

  • SNMP connection profiles

MER Room Monitoring | SNMP Monitoring PIM+

SNMP Libary

This library lists pre-configured SNMP event monitors for various systems and devices. Selecting one, will create a new SNMP event monitor with one or more values and thresholds preloaded for the specified device type.

SNMP Library | SNMP Monitoring PIM+

Unified Monitoring

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SNMP Mappings

SNMP maps let you automatically convert SNMP values into more readable values on your dashboards and in other parts of the interface. For example: a particular item might return 1 for 'Healthy' and 0 for 'Failed'. SNMP maps let you translate those numeric codes into their text equivalents. To use SNMP maps, add a new SNMP event monitor and select the map there.​

SNMP Profiles

​SNMP profiles let you define a set of SNMP connection parameters which can then be used in your event monitors. When you change the settings in a SNMP profile, all event monitors using that profile will automatically pick up the changes.

SNMP Browser

SNMP Browser is a powerfull tool for engineers to manage SNMP enabled network devices and applications. It allows users to load standard, proprietary MIBs. It also allows to

create custom event monitors and define custom threshold.

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PIM+ licensing. Licenses from 25 - 1000> devices. 

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SNMP Mappings | SNMP Monitoring PIM+
SNMP Profiles | SNMP Monitoring PIM+
SNMP Browser | SNMP Monitoring PIM+
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