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Alle releases van PIM+

  • Version 2018.5 - Juli 2018 - Major Release
    Click here to see the YouTube video with the new features of this major release. New - We added a new ability to define user groups and assign permissions based on group membership. - We added options to set the ownership of devices, event monitors and reports. - We added the ability to define device group properties and have devices automatically inherit properties. - We added new default avatar styles that show your initials by default but you can still select a photo-based avatar. - Now you can do batch editing of multiple items in the device and spreadsheet views.You can now include icons on your data point value dashboard panels. - We added a new dashboard panel that shows SNMP monitoring values in table format. Graphs can now show negative values, for example, noise levels or chiller temperatures. - We added a new device type for switches and routers. - All scripting event monitor now have a new integrated code editor with language-specific syntax highlighting. - In the Settings you can now globally filter out/reject incoming Syslogs using a set of rule-based definitions. - We added new search options in the administration history. - We added more filtering options for event list dashboard panels. - We added a new notification action which can apply changes to event text before events are saved. - Now you can use SSH keys when authenticating with Linux and other SSH-based systems. - A new Actions toolbox menu replaces the previous UI model based on icon bars. If you set a device to the new “Switch or Router” type it will get a new Interfaces tab showing interface statistics. - We added new comparison methods (matches, does not match, does not contain, regex match) to the syslog event monitor.Now you can add a column header to system health dashboard panels. - We added a new log file which records a history of upgrades applied to the system. - We added an option in the File and Linux File monitors to not trigger if lines with found text also contain other text values. - We added an option to download export files from the Import/Export section. - We added a new option in the SNMP browser to enable extended scans which can sometimes discover additional OIDs that are not found by regular scans. - We added the ability to use SNMP profiles with the SNMP browser. - We added a warning to let you know if an authentication profile is in use before you try to delete it. Improved - We updated SSH command event monitor to add the ability to generate graph data points from your custom content checks. - We updated the VMware monitors to include support for TLS 1.2 connections. - We modified the integrated web server so it will no longer serve the contents of the IIS web.config file. - The system now keeps 30 days of configuration backup files instead of five. - When the device finder discovers multiple devices that resolve to the same name, it will now use the IP address for the duplicates instead of the duplicated host name. - We now make sure tabular event data now removed before event text is posted to Slack channels. - The Office 365 mailbox monitor now records data points for mailbox count and total mailbox storage. - We fixed a problem with the AD monitor option to not alert about disabled user accounts. - We fixed a problem related to logbook indicators in some event lists. - We fixed a problem where the Window Terminal Services monitor could sometime report an incorrect status level. - We fixed a problem with detecting 32-bit apps in the Windows Inventory event monitor. - We fixed a problem where duplicate login user names could be created. - We fixed a problem with editing tags using the event monitor spreadsheet. - We fixed a problem with the size of double and triple layout report graphs. - We fixed a problem where older versions could still be listed in the Add/Remove Programs list. - We fixed a problem with some status indicators on device spreadsheet views. - We fixed a display issue that occurred when adding devices from the device chooser. - We fixed a problem with the event monitor option to save and test the current settings. - We fixed a problem with using certain non-alphanumeric characters when authenticating with Dell iDRAC systems. Click here to see the YouTube video with all the new features of this major release
  • Version 2018.3 - April 2018 - Minor Release
    New - New Office 365 event monitor for license usage (Beta) - New Office 365 event monitor for mailbox sizes (Beta) - Added new option to set the trigger level for device dependencies Various - The Task Scheduler monitor now shows an error message if PowerShell is not installed - Improved error logging for the iDRAC event monitor Improved - Improved the display and editing of code in all scripting event monitors - Improved the ability of the service chooser dialog box to resize to content - Office 365 monitors now associate events and datapoints with "" device - Optimized the refreshes of event list panels to improve UI performance Fixed - Fixed a problem affecting the MQTT event monitor - Fixed a problem with the database utility option to delete datapoints - Fixed font problems with some dashboards when viewed on MacOS - Fixed a problem with detecting 32-bit apps in the Windows Inventory event monitor - Fixed scaling issues with some device graphs - Fixed a problem with excluding devices from PowerShell and other scripting monitors - Fixed a problem affecting some PowerShell and SNMP event monitors - Fixed issues related to the SNMP connection profiles - Fixed a problem with some Directory event monitor checks and large directories - Fixed issues with iDRAC and iLO monitoring
  • Version 2018.2 - Februari 2018 - Minor Release
    New – Added new About section showing the currently installed version details. – In the device status tab added mini-buttons to link to event monitor status and settings. – Added new report data grouping options for 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute intervals. Various – Implemented parallel communications between the main service and the database service. – System health panels for disks now use list mode when only disks are selected. – System health panels now only show one decimal place for percentages. – When the helper service stops it now also stops its child processes that are running. – Updated the SNMP mapping interface to better handle large numbers of mappings. Improved – Improved retry logic for iDRAC and HP iLO monitoring. – Improved monitoring for iLO2 systems. – Improved the failover’s heart beat check to be more reliable. – Improved user interface performance when displaying multiple light panel dashboards. – Improved performance for monitoring configurations with large numbers of devices. – Improved performance for dashboards using light panels. Fixed – Fixed a styling issue which caused a scroll bar to appear on web page containers in some browsers. – Fixed a problem where large SNMP maps could exceed a buffer size and then fail to load. – Fixed a problem where the event monitor notes field could appear with an incorrect height. – Fixed issues with renaming SNMP profiles and mappings. – Fixed a problem with selecting checkboxes in some choosers. – Fixed a problem where devices excluded from an event monitor by device group or tag were still listed on the device’s status tab. – Fixed a problem where log book icons could incorrectly appear on the event monitor status tab. – Fixed several issues affecting settings for the system health panel.– Fixed a problem with entering credentials in the FTP event monitor. – Fixed a menu display issue when a new version is available for download. – Fixed an issue with uploading images and MIB files. – Fixed a problem with dragging reports to the root level in multi-site mode. – Fixed an issue with selecting some settings in the HP iLO and iDRAC monitors when using IE. – Fixed a problem with removing events for an event monitor. – Fixed a problem where when the iDRAC monitor could not find fan health status it would say it could not find system health data. – Fixed a problem where the list of unviewed events was reset after a service restart. – Fixed a problem with disabling and selecting some options in the SSL certificate event monitor. – Fixed a problem where with some combinations of settings the SSL certificate monitor could return blank log event text. – Fixed a problem where settings a maximum number of items on a data list panel affected the sorting of values. – Fixed a problem where reports which were built in older versions and contained single quotes in their titles could break the report editor interface.
  • Version 2018.1 - Januari 2018 - Major Release
    New – New user interface with a focus on workflow – Redesigned report builder – New report element type for a logo/banner – New ability to include report tables for any data point – New VMware event monitors break out functionality into different monitoring focuses and roles – New dashboard element that uses data from SNMP Bandwidth monitors to show switch/router status – New SNMP & PowerShell Library tab on the Add Event Monitor dialog box provides pre-configured monitors – Redesigned the system health dashboard panel so it can show multiple metrics on a single panel - Data point list dashboard panels can now include multiple data points on one panel – New option on current status panels to select which devices will be included in the counts – When adding a graph panel multiple data points can be selected – Graph panels can now include up to 24 data points – On network diagrams, data point indicators can show the combined status for multiple devices and data point value panels can now use the data point’s status for color instead of explicit thresholds – Added new login role called “Dashboards (Personal Only)” – Added new user settings dialog accessed from menu bar – New ability for users to select avatars or upload photos – New ability to specify SNMP authentication profiles – New options to specified data retentation parameters for events and data points Various – The monitors in the SNMP and PowerShell libraries now have fields for author and version – Added data points to the DHCP event monitor for used and available leases – Added the IP address to the ping event monitor’s event logs when pinging a host Improved – Improved error logging for Active Notifications when the mailbox cannot be accessed – Improved the formatting of Active Notification logs – Improved retrieval of lists of unviewed events – Improved the display of logs using the View Logs option in the Logging section – Improved active notifications compability with Exchange servers Fixed – Fixed a viewed/unviewed problem in event list panels showing only most recent events – Fixed a problem device lists for remote site lightboard panels – Fixed issues with light panel displays on classic dashboards – Fixed a timing issue related to saving some settings – Fixed several issues with sector graphs dashboard panels – Fixed an issue with importing legacy unviewed legacy events – Fixed an issue affecting the translation of some SNMP MIB values – Fixed problem moving network diagram elements when diagram is overlapping another panel – Fixed several issues with context menus on dashboards – Fixed issues where HTML tags in SNMP monitor variables could affect UI presentation – Fixed an issue with the logon security event monitor options to warn about selected logins
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