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About PIM+

An overview of your IT infrastructure

Read more about unified monitoring in this whitepaper.


PIM+ is system monitoring software for your IT infrastructure. PIM+ runs tests against your critical IT systems 24×7 and alerts you if any device fails a check or crosses a threshold. PIM+ helps the ICT coordinator to keep the organisation up and running.  

EasySNMP Technology

PIM+ uses SNMP technology. Thanks to the versatility of SNMP, you can monitor many different types of equipment in your network; servers, workstations, printers, routers, sensors and more. PIM+ can monitor almost any type of network device with an IP address. Read more about SNMP technology in

our blog.


PIM+ monitors servers, switches, routers, workstations, printers, UPS’s and so on. PIM+ can help you monitor them all. PIM+ also monitors applications, processes, web servers, and scripts. PIM+ is the unified solution for all of your IT equipment.

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Cloud Office 365 monitoring

Office 365 Monitoring

Monitor all Office 365 services with PIM+. Select relevent data and add these data to your own personal dashboard. 

Modbus monitoring

Modbus Monitoring

Retrieve status and notifications and view all modbus values in one overview. 

SNMP Monitoring

SNMP Monitoring

SNMP is the backbone of network monitoring. PIM+ unique EasySNMP technology makes SNMP monitoring a breeze.


PIM + is being developed together with the users. Ideas for improvements can be introduced via the portal and this helps determine the roadmap for development. In the video below you can see one of the events that we organize for users and interested parties. You will also hear Rob Vos from Deltion College and Sybo van der Bijl from Amsterdam UMC about their experience with PIM +. See all reference cases via the button below the video.