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Try it now! Ask for the 30-days free license for PIM+ monitoring including all Office 365 options.

Cloud | Office 365 monitoring

Monitor Microsoft Office 365 services with PIM+. Select relevant services for your organization and add these services to your own custom made dashboard. Get all Microsoft Office 365 services in one overview and keep your organization up and running. 

Monitor Microsoft Office 365 services

PIM + provides an overview of your Office 365 services. Collect and check all relevant data for your organization with the Office 365 License Event Monitor and the Office 365 Service Status Event Monitor. The Office 365 dashboard of PIM+ shows all relevant data in widgets. Respond to potential issues before they impact the users in your organization. 

Not all Office 365 functions are available in the free online demo. De you want to see all the Office 365 functions? Ask for the 30 days free PIM+ license.

Office 365 Dashboard | Office 365 monitoring

Office 365 Service Status Event Monitor

This event monitor connects to your Office 365 account and checks the status for each of the Microsoft services available in your account. It will alert you about services outages, degradations and other important events based on Microsoft's own status tracking. This event monitor consist the following monitoring options:

  • Alert if Office 365 cannot be contacted

  • Alert if any Office 365 service is not in a healthy state.

Office 365 Sevice Status Event Monitors | Office 365 Monitoring

Office 365 monitoring


Watch this video to see all Office 365 monitoring functionalities. See how easy it is to create a clear dashboard for your o365 services.