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Do you ever experience database performance issues? Start monitoring your databases with PIM+. PIM+ is a uniform all-in-one database monitoring tool. PIM+ helps you increase the reliability of your database and prevents downtime. By monitoring your databases you are always aware of the use of the databases and how they perform.

Why database monitoring?

Many companies use information stored in SQL (Structured Query Language) databases. Since the amount of information and the dependence of organisations on this information is growing, it becomes increasingly important that these databases are monitored and that databases always up and running. With PIM+ you monitor your database performance. In case of a crash or a failure, it is import to act quickly.  PIM+ will give you a notification. In your event monitors you can set in your settings commands of who receives a notification and when that should happen. In this way you ensure that in case of an error/crash the right person is always addressed and you will prevent that these erros will become bigger problems.

SQL Transactions | Database Monitoring

PIM + offers support for:

  • Microsoft SQL server

  • MySQL monitoring

  • Postgres monitoring

  • Oracle monitoring

  • DB2 monitoring

  • ODBC-links

  • Database monitoring

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SQL Server

The SQL Server event monitor is essential for making sure your SQL Server databases are online and operational. This event monitor can run connection tests, check database sizes, check transaction log sizes and even run SQL statements or stored procedures and verify the results. This event monitor focus on monitoring the properties of databases and transactions logs. To monitor performance attributes like transactions per second, you can use PIM+ SQL Server Performance event monitor.

SQL Database event monitor | Database monitoring

Unified Monitoring

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Create your own dashboards

Creating your own dashboards in PIM+ works very easily and intuitively. Determine which query information you want to display and put your entire database architecture in a well-organized dashboard. Create reports with the desired information. Determine easily what information you want to show in your report and download the reports for example as PDF.

Database dashboards | SQL Server | Database Monitoring

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