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Are you experiencing problems with the speed of your network and do you need more insight into your bandwidth usage? With the PIM + banwidth monitor you are able to monitor your bandwidth / latency. PIM+ gives a warning when a problem with your bandwidth arises.

Bandwidth monitor

As an IT manager, it is your responsiblitiy to ensure a stable network. In some cases it could happen that your network is’nt stable and doesn’t perform. In that case it is interesting for you as IT manager to know how that occurs.

Bandwidth monitor | Bandwidth monitoring

Event monitor

PIM+ collects the desired information and display this information in your own bandwidth / latency monitoring dashboards. With the SNMP protocol you can easily check the total bandwidth usage of your entire network. The internet traffic monitor from PIM+ shows you the information about all incoming and outgoing traffic. Beside of that you can real time see which application uses the most network usage.

Event Monitor | Bandwidth monitoring

Unified Monitoring

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Create your own bandwidth / latency monitoring dashboards with bandwidth graphs. With the real time bandwidth monitor you always have bandwidth control in your entire network.

PIM+ Dashboard maken
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Are you experiencing problems with your bandwidth? PIM + reports shows you where the problems occurs. This information helps you when you start troubleshooting. It is possible to download reports in PDF.

Bandwidth rapport | Bandwidth monitoring

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