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Active Directory


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With the Active Directory (AD) monitor in PIM + you have control over user accounts in your Windows server environment. Create event monitors and determine when you want to receive a notification. You will always be aware of the current status of your Active Directory environment.

Key features

The Active Directory event monitor checks for new, modified and deleted user accounts and computer records. It can also check group membership and warn if any changes are detected since the last run.

AD Users

  • Alert when new user accounts are added

  • Alert when user accounts are modified

  • Alert  when user accounts are deleted

  • Alert when user accounts are locked out

  • Alert with when user accounts have expired

  • Alert with when user accounts are disabled



AD Groups

  • Alert with when new members are added

  • Alert with when members are modified

  • Alert with when members are removed

AD Computers

  • Alert with when new computers are added

  • Alert with when computers are modified

  • Alert with when computers are deleted

Features | Active Directory monitoring
Key features | Active Directory monitoring
Key features | Active Directory monitoring

Unified Monitoring

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