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Solar panels


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More and more organizations are switching to sustainable energy, such as solar panels. But how much energy do you solar panels provide? With the

PIM+ event monitor you can map this. Thanks to the extensive visualization options you can present the results in a visually appealing way.

Start monitoring your solar panels 

With PIM + you have an overview of your solar panels. Create event monitors and map how much green energy you generate.


The monitoring of solar panels is possible if one of the following protocols is available on your installation:

  • SNMP

  • Modbus (TCP)

  • API via HTTPS

Dashboard | Zonnepanelen monitoring


PIM+ offers a lot of visualization options. Choose one of the standard themes or upload your own image in PIM+ and display the efficiency of your solar panels.

Dashboard Vastbouw | Zonnepanelen monitoring

Unified Monitoring

See the features 

in the free online demo


ISHW in control with PIM+

"We drove without navigation, without a cockpit," says Stehouwer. “As a result, we were unable to meet our performance obligation. We needed a monitoring tool that shows the trends, shows that the hard disks are filling up, that the capacity of the processors is being fully utilized or that there are connections out of it.”

Gertjan Stehouwer, ISHW

Are you curious about the experiences of other organizations with PIM+ monitoring software? 

Read all cases.


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Meer info

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