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Images of PIM+

Learn more about PIM+ in our free online demo.

New theme: Cardo

Cardo and Cardo Dark are the latest themes in PIM + and contain more prominent titles, subtitles and icons. They are easier to read remotely, which makes them very useful for anyone who shows PIM + dashboards on large screens in the department.

RDS Dashboard, nieuw thema Cardo.png


All your devices are linked and are clearly displayed in your own dashboards. Designing dashboards in PIM+ is very easy. Click and drop and make your own dashboards.

See more examples of dashboards.

Overview | Screenshots PIM+


HQ offers you an overview of all current problems. If PIM+ reports a  problem that is unsolvable at the moment, you are able to suppress the selected messages. Suppressed notifications can be found at the bottem of the page. 

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Screenshot PIM+ HQ Overzicht.PNG


Under the tab "event history" you will find all notifications of your devices. You can always see the previous alerts/failures and see how and when these alerts/failures were caused.

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PIM+ event history screenshot.PNG

Unified Monitoring

See all features in the

our free online demo.

Overview per device

Spreadsheets will give you a uniform overview of the servers, printers, network equipment, UPS, PDU, NSA systems and other IT components you have linked to PIM +.

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Overview per device | Screenshots PIM+


Do you want to share a situation with colleagues? You can easily share the PIM + reports with your colleagues, managers and/or partners. Reports are also available in PDF.

Reports | Screenshots PIM+
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