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Monitoring solutions

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SNMP Monitoring


Monitor all your applications and react proactive. 

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Active Directory Monitoring


AD checks for new, modified and deleted user accounts.

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Modbus Monitoring

Retrieve and display all your Modbus values into one overview.

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UPS Monitoring

PIM+ support all UPS-brands.

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MQTT Monitoring

PIM+ has integrated support for MQTT messaging monitoring.

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Database Monitoring

Support for Mysql, Oracle, SQL, ODBC.

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Office 365 Monitoring


This event monitor checks the status for each Microsoft service.

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Bandwidth Monitoring

Monitor your bandwidth usage with the internet traffic monitor.

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Network Monitoring

Map your entire network and have control over your environment. 

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Server Monitoring


PIM + Monitors via protocols such as SNMP, PDH, WMI and SSH.

There are many more options. Curious about all possibilities of PIM+?

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