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More about PIM+

Read more about unified monitoring in this whitepaper.

Complete IT Monitoring

PIM+ monitors servers, switches, routers, workstations, printers, UPS’s and so on. PIM+ can help you monitor them all. PIM+ also monitors applications, processes, web servers, and scripts. PIM+ is the unified solution for all of your IT equipment.

Complete IT Monitoring | Features PIM+

SNMP technology

PIM+ uses SNMP technology. Thanks to the versatility of SNMP, you can monitor many different types of equipment in the network; servers, workstations, printers, routers, sensors and more. PIM+ monitors almost any type of network device with an IP address. Read more about SNMP technology in our blog.

SNMP Technology | Features PIM+

Unified Monitoring

See all features in

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Build your own dashboards

With the PIM+ monitoring software it is very easy to build your own dashboards. Just choose the desired graphs, data and so on. Just a view clicks. That’s all it takes to build beautiful custom dashboards that incorporate graphs, gauges, data point values, network diagrams and much more.

PIM+ Dashboard maken

PIM+ Dashboard maken

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PIM + warns you when an error occurs. This helps you to detect issues before they become big problems. You can receive notifications via mail and / or SMS. Read more about alerts and all the benefits of this in our blog.

Alerts/Notifications | Features PIM+


Small organizations obviously need to monitor fewer systems than large organizations. PIM+ offers you the possibility to scale up infinitely. With the PIM+ software you can add a desired number of systems. Read more about different packages of PIM +.

Scalability | Features PIM+
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